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TFA - SunTC Smooch by Rosey-Raven
TFA - SunTC Smooch
Sunny isn't used to being the one being kissed to be honest XD

More stuff for the kiss meme thing on tumblr~ All dem SunTC requests make me so HAPPY~

Characters © Hasbro, Takara

More kissy meme:
TFA - MegSS neck kiss by Rosey-RavenTFA - SunTC hand kiss by Rosey-RavenTFA - WarpTC foot kiss by Rosey-RavenTFA - Aftkissy Bee by Rosey-RavenTFA - Aftkissy Sunny by Rosey-RavenMTMTE - Kiss that Cockpit by Rosey-Raven
OP - Gas all around by Rosey-Raven
OP - Gas all around
Caesar stop being creepy... 8I

Sorry TF guys, please bear with me while I get the One piece out of my system ^^;

Trafalgar Law and Caesar Clown © Eiichiro Oda
OP - How to Train Your Clown by Rosey-Raven
OP - How to Train Your Clown
...I did not accidentally start obsessing over One piece's Ceasar Clown overnight... not at all 8I
That one filler didn't help...

I'm supposed to be studying for a Japanese test here... but nope, let me scribble a thing based on that 'pet' filler 8D

Trafalgar Law and Ceasar Clown ©  Eiichiro Oda
MTMTE - Kiss that Cockpit by Rosey-Raven
MTMTE - Kiss that Cockpit
Sorry about all the kiss meme thingies, they just take such a short time to do XD

Pharma and Ratchet make me happy and sad at the same time ;3;

Characters © Hasbro, Takara
More kissy meme:
TFA - MegSS neck kiss by Rosey-RavenTFA - SunTC hand kiss by Rosey-RavenTFA - WarpTC foot kiss by Rosey-RavenTFA - Aftkissy Bee by Rosey-RavenTFA - Aftkissy Sunny by Rosey-RavenTFA - SunTC Smooch by Rosey-Raven
Righto I have rested and gotten my lazy butt to take some pictures ^^;

So yeah I didn't sleep at all the night before AA so I was... tired as fuck when I got there but then I saw so many people from last year that all the tired just vanished 8'D
I met Dev, Red and more lovely peeps like Ultharkitty right there in the lobby~
Later on I went to Swerve's and found :iconfoxyturttle: with the ADORABLE Soundwave plush I had reserved from her
I MEAN LOOKIT THE PRECIOUS :iconiloveyouplz:
He got himself a little buddy too 8D

I also met Tinyglitch and more awesome people at Swerve's and the rest of the day was a good day spent hanging out with AWESOME folks *w*

Next day the actual convention started and time for SHOPPING *w*
I also ran into :iconhealercharm: Auto Assembly 2014 - Rosey-Raven + Me! by HealerCharm Lookit us being all cute~
And also the lovely :iconpurrv: 8D

I got me some autographs too
From Michael McConnohie AKA G1 Tracks and Cosmos
Who is a total charmer~ XD

and Townsend Coleman AKA TFA Sentinel Prime and Tracks
Who is super awesome~ 8D

And later that evening there was a Birthday party for Transformers' 30 year anniversary at Swerve's.
We all got party hats, cupcakes and birthday cards 8'D

The cosplay competition was first and maaan... I always really want to join it but the costumes are all so amazing I could never hope to compare XD Ravage, Brainstorm and the Sparkeater who won totally deserved it *w*

Then there was a script reading with all the voice actors (and Nick Roche 'cause he's a perfect Swerve XD)
Plot of said script reading was: Shockwave is planning a birthday party at Swerve's, Ultra Magnus, Swerve, Sky-byte, Sentinel and G1Tracks help XD

Annd heh... at one point in that G1Tracks and TFATracks met, flirted with each other something fierce and then ran off to 'buff' each other in private...
Such a thing simply needed a drawing
double Tracks
And said drawind needed to be signed by both Tracks voice actors, who both loved it :iconimhappyplz:
Especially Michael McConnohie who was cracking up XD

I also met James Roberts (again), Jim Sorenson (again) and Peter Spellos who are all super awesome >w<
And I gave James Roberts a little sketch of Pharma 8D

As well as more awesome people like Rothinsel and Uniformshark :iconiloveitplz:

And of course~
I bought a bunch of stuff, though... not as much stuff as I though I would  hah hah ^^;
Some lovely pins and Pharma notebooks *W*
Plushieeees~ :heart:
And of course
...mostly Starscreams though XD
WHAAT I LIKE HIM... *cough*

So yeaaah, after AA I went on a bit of a trip with my parents, first to London the Belgium. Brugge/Bruges is a good city A+ *w*
Back to London then and finally to Scotland...buuut I wont bore y'all with the details XD

And now uh... draw time *runs off*

Commission info
Commissions are OPEN

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PKMN B2 friend code: 1979 8320 4583

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Please don't ask for requests people, I DON'T do them, I just don't have time, (except on rare this journal), and I hate always having to tell people that, it makes me feel like a horrible person...
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Dance Starscream, Dance! >:D



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I hope to get the replacement keyboard soon, so we can get back to our epic RP as soon as possible. 
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